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Toad and frog

Leathers of Toad and Frog: use and characteristics, examples of straps watches, complete color chart ABP...

Watchband  in toad skin.
Watchband in toad skin.
We often distinguish toads from frogs in the fact that toads have usually rougher skin than the frogs, but especially in their "disgusting" aspect. By extension, we imagine rather the frog leather as rather feminine, and the toad as the male one! Nevertheless, that's not the case. At l’ Atelier du Strap Parisien, if we sell almost so much toad to the men as to the ladies, the frog with its camouflage aspect, pleases essentially the men.

Watchband in frog leather.
Watchband in frog leather.
Some women in fact, will succumb to the charm of certain unique and appropriate colors of the frog. On the other hand in terms of solidity, the frog, soft and almost suede leather must be envisaged as a fancy to be care of avoiding baths and perspiration. Its cycle life will vary between three and five years according to the use and the precautions you’ll grant.

Strap in frog leather.
Strap in frog leather.
The toad, for its part, is literally puncture-proof: bathing, perspiration, UV … It resists everything in its all tannings. Colors are multiple and your strap can last more than ten years … Without even taking care … No matter the tone you pick! It is one of the most resistant leathers that we know. Speaking about style, you’re right you have to like it. Both are leathers with character. The frog will adapt with great difficulty to a dressed watch. On the other hand, even if it is very typified, the toad is really easy to match. No matter if your watch is dressed, extra flat, vintage, modern, massive, or small caliber, masculine or feminine … The toad … It is beautiful skin!

Strap in toad on a Panerai watch.
Strap in toad on a Panerai watch.
Speaking about the used species, I may speak only for my parish! We use the frog Rana from South of America (killed for its flesh and not for its skin), and the American Buffalo toad.
To end this article, a little bit of history: it is l’Atelier du Strap Parisien that launched the leather of frog to make straps, about 10 years ago. But, if many are amazed at the spectacular depiction of watchstraps in toad skin, about thirty five years ago this leather exists in this straps industry, even if its distribution remains confidential.

Here are our leather color charts of toad and frog:
Toad and frog

Toad and frog



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