ABP : Watchbands and straps for all watches. Made to measure belts and small leather goods. New and pre-owned watches.

Tips, Edges, keepers

Tip shapes, edge types, keepers number and width, it’s up to you to decide...

Tips shapes :

- A, classic
- B, as OEM Panerai
- C, squared (10 euros)
- D, short angle (15 euros)
- E, long angle (15 euros)
- F, rounded (10 euros)

Tips, Edges, keepers

Edge :
- A, folded (the leather is folded up on itself, as in leather craft) (exra fees of 170 euros for all leathers and 250 euros for the square scales alligator skin)
- B, cut & dyed edges (polished and colored edges as in Hermès saddlery)
- C, aged (frank cut, but deliberately not finished)
You can also go for an edge tone different from the color of your leather on top.
Tips, Edges, keepers

Tips, Edges, keepers
Keepers type and number:

- A, 1 fixed + 1 floating (10 euros)
- B, 2 floating
- C, unique floating keeper
- D, no keeper 

Tips, Edges, keepers
Keepers width : 

- A, (5mm)
- B, M (6mm)
- C, L (9mm)
- D, L (9mm and sewn)
- E, XL (15mm)
- F, XL (15mm and sewn) (20 euros)
- G, XL tribal (15mm) (10 euros)
Of course, all the keepers widths and combinations are possible.



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Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

56, place du Marché Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

+33 1 47 03 49 71info@abpparis.com

ABP Paris is a craft company with the French state label Company of Living Heritage.

On measure watchstraps, belts, leather goods, new and second-hand watches are the core part of our activity.