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Thicknesses & lining

Thicknesses, linings, everything is possible...

Everything is possible as for thicknesses (here are only some examples). the best of course is to choose the kind of thickness that is coherent with regard your watch model. For example, don’t go for an extra flat bracelet if you have a chronographe watch, nor inversely a padded or extra pedded strap if your watch is extra flat. 
- A, flat 
- B, classic 
- C, slightly padded 
- D, padded (15 euros)
- E, squared padding (25 euros)
- F, thick & flat as OEM Panerai (15 euros)
- G, thick & rounded as OEM Panerai (25 euros)
- H , other type (please send us a photo or a drawing)  (60 euros)
Thicknesses & lining

Lining :
As a standard lining with no extra fees the lining is made with smooth beige calf, to avoid any allergy risks  risks of allergies due to colorants, and especially of specific tanning, for a better resistance to the perspiration, an optimal flexibility, and a great softness. However, you can always choose another leather (or color) that will fit more your taste, but whose the properties will be different too.
- A, classic (lining calf)
- B, calf tone on tone (25 euros)
- C, anti allergy (25 euros)
- D, black calf (25 euros)
- E, black calf water resistant (25 euros)
- F, round scales alligator tone on tone (40 euros)
- G, square scales alligator tone on tone (80 euros)
- H, other (please specify) (80 euros)
rrées (80 euros)
- H, autre (précisez) (80 euros)
Thicknesses & lining



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56, place du Marché Saint Honoré
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ABP Paris is a craft company with the French state label Company of Living Heritage.

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