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Although ABP works for many professionals such as aware watch-making jewelers that a beautiful watch is much better sold with a custom-made and personalized bracelet; well-known watch-making factories (often their Parisian subsidiaries) or new brands looking for prototypes or small series straps to give to their watches models an added value thanks to a special tanning in limited number, a design, a shape or a specific color… our best advertising remains for sure the large  watch-making amateurs who try to differentiated their watch refusing to submit to the mass production standard strap.
Please do not hesitate to send us your testimonies by email (you can also send us a photo of your watch with its new ABP customized watchstrap) regarding the quality of our items, or some ideas of improving our customer service, you can be sure "you are our best advertising and the raison d’être of our craft company.

"Chère Dida Saida,
Le 19.11.12 j'ai passé commande pour un bracelet en alligator écaille carrée chez A.B.P. Ne s'achant plus où trouver un bracelet de qualité pour ma Zenith ChroMaster. 4 jours plus tard j'ai été informé très gentillement qu'il y aurait un peu de retard pour cause de maladie de la personne qui fait le rembordement et la couture à la main. J'ai trouvé le service très courtoi parce qu'aujourd'hui plus personne n'avise le client si il y a du retard! 
Dès la livraison à Fedex le 11.12, j'ai été informé par mail du cheminement et 24h plus tard il m'était remis en main. Donc du côté livraison, Fedex est plus efficace que la poste qui aurait mis au moins 3 jours.
Le bracelet en lui même est très bien réalisé. La qualité de la peau est irréprochable et la manufacture de première classe. Du cousu main et ça se voit, piqure droite et régulière,  aucun défaut. J'ai tout inspecté à la loupe! Rien à redire, parfait. Les dimensions sont exactes, largeur entre les cornes, longueur et épaisseur au milimètre. Le pin de la boucle déployante s'incorporant exactement dans le trou du milieu (3 trous), sans flottement.
Je remercie donc A.B.P pour le travail et le service. Il me plaît de constater qu'il existe encore un manufacturier sachant allier tradition et maîtrise et qui ne met pas l'accent sur le prix mais sur la qualité du produit et de sa bonne facture.
Merci encore et à bientôt. Meilleures salutations."
Philip Schwob, Switzerland

« I want to Thank you very much!!! this is by far the best Alligator strap i have ever purchased, The attention to detail is what puts ABP in a world of its own, you now have for sure another client in your list of repeat customers.
sending you a couple of photos of the Strap on my watch to enter your monthly competition. I will send you a detailed recap of the holes mm etc etc  to make in my next order. This one was a bit loose  but had the extra hole done. that can happen often with orders from a distance, but now that i have the strap i can send you the exact measurements with photos etc. I cannot thank you enough for the service you have provided me!!!!!!!!!!!!! » 
Ryan Evan Ford, USA

« Thanks for your excellence and express services, really appreciated for that. 
Glad to be your customer and very proud to have a gorgeous alligator straps made by ABP on my wrist. All straps from you, a true masterpiece ! »
Anuthep, Thailand
« J'ai recu hier le bracelet que je vous avais commandé en magasin : il est simplement superbe.
Merci encore de votre accueil et de vos précieux conseils. »
F. Riondet, France

« I received the strap today.  
I now understand why you have such a great reputation at strap making.  The Grey Ostrich strap is amazing.  The fit is perfect and the quality is far more than I expected (and I expected a lot).  This is my first ABP strap and definitely will not be my last.
I appreciate your great customer service and quality of workmanship.
Keep up the good work, »
Ronnie, USA

« Excellent from start to finish. Saida helped me choose a watch strap and responded straight away to countless emails I sent with many queries, always happy to help and urging me to come back with any other questions I had. The strap itself was made in just over a week and FedEx-ed over promptly. It couldn't have been easier and I'm so pleased with my watch.
A big thank-you to everyone there. »
Hannah, UK
"Thank you very much Yann, I received the strap and it is beautiful , looks beautiful on the watch I will send you a picture and also post picture's on TIMEZONE. Thank you again for choosing the perfect strap. »
Farhad Karimi, UK

« Received the strap and it is absolutely perfect -- thank you so much it is exactly how I wanted it.Thanks again, »
Spiro, USA

« Voici une photo du bracelet monté. Je vous laisse apprécier votre travail complété par la montre: vous pouvez en être fier!
Les aspects anachronique et très "sauvage" de la couture et de cette matière contrastent avec la monte tout lui donnant un rendu haut de gamme.
C'est en tout cas unique et exactement ce que je recherchais. »
Philippe Laumet, France

« Dear Sirs,
Yesterday I received my ERMETO clock that you had covered with alligator.
I am very happy with the work you fit; it looks superb.
Thank you very much, »
George Cramer, The Netherlands

« I think that the service provided by you is great.
The web site gives clear options and pictures of the leathers that you offer. The ordering process is straightforward.
You replied very promptly with the queries about the sizing. Once you had all the necessary information the strap was delivered within the time frame suggested.
The strap is just as I imagined. It is a great way to get a personalised, custom made, high quality watch strap.
I would use you again for my next strap. »
Tim Meadows UK
« Bonjour,
J'ai bien reçu le bracelet.
Le travail réalisé dépasse mes espérances. Je suis donc très satisfait de ma commande et tenais donc à vous féliciter pour la qualité du travail réalisé.
Je ne manquerai donc pas de vous solliciter à nouveau pour une prochaine réalisation. Merci »
Christophe Louiset, France
« I just returned from Paris with my new custom Panerai strap from ABP.
The whole experience was wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you!  I was in Paris with my wife for over a week and we enjoyed ourselves and the way we were treated…but the treatment and experience at your store was the best.  Unmatched customer service.
Again, thank you for the great product and wonderful customer service. »
Jeremy Berger, Canada
"Please find enclosed a set of photos. I think that ABP straps are of very good quality, and a perfect choice for spare straps for high end timepieces.
The idea of an online measure and details imput for the straps is amazing, and works smoothly.
Best regards,"
Jorge, Chili

« I was gone last week so wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. The darkened edge to the strap was exactly what I wanted. Below are some pictures of the strap on the watch. 
This is my first time using abp bands to make a custom leather watch strap. The quality and workmanship is better than OEM straps costing twice as much. The edge color was not exactly as I wanted so I returned it and they modified promptly and returned it within a week. All my correspondence with Saida was prompt and pleasant. I have used other top custom strap makers and put abp bands at the top of my list. »
Gary Servais MD

"ABP showed great service from the beginning as they were always very responsive and followed up with customers. The strap quality is the same as the service: the very best.  From any angle that I see it, it's the best one that I can get in the market as I have had others. I'm sure I will enjoy it for years to come."
Luis Aguilar, Canada

"Dear ABP team,I have received my second ABP watch strap today for my Chronoswiss Pathos watch. Just another excellent watch strap again. The strap is very beautiful and crafted very professionally. Many thanks for the excellent work. I really admire your craftsman- and craftwoman-ship.
I will definitely send you some photos of my watches with your strap to show you how beautiful they are."
Ryu Shinoda, Switzerland
"Buenos días, la correa de mi reloj Jaeguer le Coultre, que encargamos hace unos días por internet, acaba de llegar.
El muy bonita, está muy bien hecha y creo que al reloj le da un aire más moderno.
Me comentaban que les gustaría tener feed back de los clientes en cuanto  a los pormenores del proceso.
El servicio ha sido en todo momento exquisito. Incluso recibí una llamada telefónica para asegurar el tamaño de algunas de las cotas.
También tengo que decir que, francamente, yo sóla -sin la ayuda de mi marido, no habría podido realizar todas las medidas que hay que rellenar en los pedidos por internet, pero entiendo que una labor tan  artesanal como la que realizan ustedes, necesita mucha precisión.
Me imagino que los datos que enviamos los tendrán convenientemente archivados y así, la próxima vez, sólo será cuestión de elegir el tipo de piel y el color.
O mejor aún! La próxima vez me acerco  a París y así puedo conocer el atelier personalmente y saludarles."
Pilar Sánchez Villar, Espana

"I today received my alligator watch strap and it is absolutely perfect.  Good tight fit on the watch and of a very pleasing color.  Thank you very much for your craftsmanship in making such a beautiful strap."
Rick Gorman, USA

"Many thanks for the strap - I think it looks great!  It arrived very quickly, and I have attached some photos but I am not a professional so they are not as good as the watch looks!  Thank you again for all your excellent help and suggestions, and I look forward to using you again in the future!"
Harriet, Australia

"Ci joint les photos du bracelet Python que vous m'avez fabriqué.
La montre n'est déjà pas banale mais là c'est extraordinaire.
Merci à vous tous pour les conseils téléphoniques, la qualité, le sérieux et le résultat.
Simplement bravo."
Patrick Fouillet, France
"bracelet reçu ce matin, magnifique :-)
Je vais sûrement en commander un autre pour ma petite Omega Speedmaster le mois
prochain !
Gilbert Fernandes, France

"here is my real and honest comment that i can share as follows:
Quality - i am totally satisfied with the quality of the leather strap.
Service - i was not sure in the beginning to make an order of the strap because its not cheap and i worry mistakes will happen such as measurement so on and also i am so far away from the ABP shop so misunderstanding could happen. However, i find ordering though you especially when we start emailing and talking on the phone, i become much more confident and start to order and to my surprise the leathers looks excellent. that is why i make another purchase of the brown hornback after buying the grey hornback. You did a great job, very patience in wanting to understand what i want and never rush me. well done Dida.
Things to improve - price can always be improved especially for those who has become a loyal customer hehe :)"
Kurnia, Malaysia

« J'ai reçu ce matin le bracelet en phoque noir pour ma Bell&Ross 03.
Vraiment étonnant comme grain et très original. Je n'avais jamais vu
rien de tel, comme l'écorce d'un arbre effectivement. Merci en tout
cas de m'avoir aiguillé vers ce choix. Je pense qu'avec le temps, la
patine sera super belle.
Me voici bien équipé entre la boucle Nato et bracelet en veau Barénia
et celui-ci... »
Jean-Alain Leborgne, France
« I greatly appreciate all of your help. I am very pleased with the two bands that I received.
I am trying to schedule a trip to Paris, perhaps in June… not certain yet, but if I can get back to your beautiful city, I’ll certainly stop in to say “bonjour”!
I miss Paris so very much… it’s my favorite city in the entire world… ahhhh good baguettes are hard to find!
Although, Maison Kaiser opened up here in Singapore, and his bread is fantastic! Almost like being in Paris… if only he had Parisian water to mix with his flour, it would be perfect. But his country sourdough and baguette is wonderful!
Hopefully, I’ll meet you inperson. »
Paul Sussman, USA

«Thank you for that complement. Please allow me to say that I have always found ABP's products to be of the very finest quality. I try and send as many of my watch wearing friends over to you and they have loved ABP's straps as much as I do! »
Samir Kilachand, DUBAI
« I have received the strap today - the FedEx guy came to my house last Friday when my wife was not available...
The strap looks really good and its color is what I expected. I was able to install the deployment clasp without any problem, and with the clasp the strap fits to my arm perfectly! Many thanks for the good job. »
"I received yesterday my black leather strap for my vintage Rolex Submariner watch. The strap is precisely what is was hoping for.
 It was my first but definitely not last order at your shop.
 Thank you so much!"
Kasia Nowak, the Netherlands.

"Je viens de recevoir le bracelet Python pour la Milgauss, il est superbe !!! (Jai mis 1photo en pièce-jointe)
Le seul petit bémol c'est qu'il me va juste ! je peux pas jouer sur les autres crans du fermoir, il aurait fallu qu'je fasse un côté à 6 et l'autre à 7cm au lieu de 6 et 6,5... Je comprends pas parce que j'ai mesuré par rapport à d'autres bracelets justement ! 
Sinon il est vraiment impeccable ! Si "le grand" la voit il va vouloir me l'acheter ;-))
Merci encore en tout cas et à bientôt car j'en étudie déjà un autre ! J'appellerai avant pour avoir les fameux conseils de MADAME Saïda !!!"
Jean-Philippe GUIDONI, France.
"Received this morning- they look very nice!
I'll send you before and after photos...
Assuming they fit, and I'm sure they will, I'm extremely pleased with your service and the results.
Thank you!
Paul Sussmann, USA
"I just recieved the strap, it looks amazing, thanks a lot, will do business again in the future."
Cliff, Hong Kong
"I received my watch today and would like to thank you all for the wonderful job you did. I am most happy with the results. The fact that I can use a regular strap and also the strap you designed for me is very gorgeous. It is all very amazing. I'm very lucky to have found your site.
Again thank you very much and all the best."
Ronnie Whiteford, USA
"the straps actually already arrived today ... you were super fast, amazing ! :-)
I will mount them tonight and see how it looks and works.
The American Plate looks great ... even without watch :-)
I'll mount the watch and I'm sure it will be stunning !!!
The 2 Element Strap also looks great even without watch yet ...
More news soon ...
And thanks so much again !!!
Best wishes, talk soon."
Nick (Nicolas Chavannes), Switzerland
Alberto Cortina, Spain
"hi, I got the straps today morning -  thanks a lot for your prompt responses and helpful advice all the way through the ordering process !
I have tried on the python skin strap and its beautiful, the workmanship is top class and it looks even more elegant on the Radiomir  than I had expected !! I can't wait to give the alligator a trial sometime soon (maybe this weekend haha) and  i will definitely pay the boutique a visit next time I'm in Europe :)
Once again, thanks a lot for making my first custom strap experience so enjoyable and hassle free - wishing you guys the best of success for the future and looking forward to ordering more straps soon for my other watches !
all the best"
Aditya  Sethia, Hong Kong 
"Many thanks for your e-mail, the straps have arrived and are absolutely wonderful.  Now, I look forward to making more!"
Tom Papadopoulos, USA
"Merci beaucoup pour les 2 commandes que je viens de recevoir aujoud'hui (#119040 & # 119410).
Les 2 sont exactement comme envisagees, et sont un parfait mariage pour les 2 montres en question.
(excuser pour mon francais ecris, les occasions pour moi d'ecrire en francais sont extremement rares...)"
Andre Carbonneau, USA
"Hi! I have purchased straps for my patek from your store. I still get complements!  I will be back in paris for xmas.  
Darren Grant, USA 
"Hello Saida,
   I received my new strap today and it looks amazing!
Thank you for recommending the ostrich leg and all of your kindness. I hope you are well and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
 Thanks again!"
 Hassan R. USA
"Dear ABP,I'm quite happy with the watchband you made for me earlier this year, and I was wondering about how one goes about getting a ladies purse made.  My wife is interested in what she called a French purse.  Evidently, it is a wallet with a coin purse built in.  I'm sure you would have another name for such an item, but can you make one?Sincerely,"
David Dancyger, USA
"The straps arrived today and they are beautiful - fantastic!
I may acquire another watch soon and will ask your advice for a strap.
Thanks again!
Best regards,"
Jim (James Campbell), USA
"Hi Greg
 Got the strap, thanks a lot. Fits perfect now!
Jacky (Hong kong).
 "Just a quick heads up: Strap arrived safely and looks very good! I can't wait to try it tonight. Thanks for the great work! Next one won't be long..."
Alexander (Germany).
Just received the strap...exactly as I wanted!, and love the color,fits the watch perfectly.. 
You guys are the best!
Thanks again,"
Andre (Canada).
"Thank you, I received them last night.  They look great, I appreciate all of your help!"
Brett (USA).
"Once again, the straps are perfect!
Thanks so much,"
Shawn (USA).
"I received the strap and it's perfect! Thanks so much for taking care of it, and have a great weekend!"
Marc (USA).
"The strap has arrived and looks as good as always. Thank you for it. I will be back for more before too long!
Marie (UK)
"Bonjour Monsieur Greg,
I wanted to thank you for creating both of these watchbands--my client was very pleased with the grain selection and construction. 
Kind Regards,"
-george kirles (usa).
"Got it today…….thanks again Greg…its great work as usual"
Bill (USA)
"The strap arrived today. 
Just a quick note to say thanks for your service and outstanding craftsmanship.
Very best wishes"
Peter (Switzerland).
"Thanks again for all your help with choices, we couldn ‘ have done it without you…
We will be back."
Nelius (UK).
"Just a quick note to thank you, I look forward to my order and thanks again for answering my questions.
Best regards,"
Dave (USA).
The strap is beautiful.
Thanks so much for all your help!!"
Shawn (USA).



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