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Terms of Sales

Attention, tous les bracelets montres que nous vendons et fabriquons sont des bracelets ABP (Atelier du Bracelet Parisien). Ils ne sont en aucune manière des bracelets montres officiels des marques horlogères référencées sur le site. 

Article 1
– Purpose :
The present general sales conditions apply to any order made by a customer on this on-line store. Prior to making an order, the customer acknowledges having been acquainted with the terms and conditions of sales of the ABP (Atelier du Bracelet Parisien) products and having accepted them. In regard to a contract made remotely in electronic mode, the vendor identifies itself to the customer as follows : ABP SA (Atelier du Bracelet Parisien) – Head office : ABP, 28 Place du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 PARIS, France - Phone : + 33 1 42 86 13 70 - Fax : + 33 1 40 20 43 46 - E-mail : info.abp@wanadoo.fr Web site : http://www.abpparis.com – Siren : FR 29411871544.

Article 2
– Contractual documents :
The present general sales conditions shall be completed by the product specifications as set out in the order form.

Article 3
– Law applicable :
The parties agree that present general sales conditions will be subject to French Law.

Article 4
– Description of the offering :
The characteristics of ABP products offered for sale are described on this internet site. The customer acknowledges that the pictures presenting the products shown on this site is for illustration purposes only ( Quality of the photographs may be alterered by electronic treatment or the type of video monitor used). The offer, as shown in photographs, is supplemented by additional description such as model, material, colours, paying options, etc.The offer is valid for all purchases performed on-line and for shipments in all countries, without any limitation. The offer is valid for a limited period of time only, as may be stated by ABP SA. It is specified that all delivery fees shall be paid by the customer in addition, on the basis of the French postal services tariff, or of any transportation services used, as will be described in the offer, and depending of the country of delivery.

Article 5
– Ordering :
The customer shall make an order by filling in all information requested on the purchase order-form available from this internet site. The purchase order will take the form of a list stating all elements confirmed by the customer when he/she clicks on the "pay" icon. When the customer clicks on the "pay" icon, the purchase order is irrevocable.

Article 6
– Price :
The price invoiced to the customer will be in Euros ; it will not include all additional charges like custom duties and VAT. In the case of sales to a country outside the European Union, the buyer will be the importer of the products concerned. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable. These duties and taxes are not responsability of ABP SA. They will be paid by the buyer, who is entirely responsible both for declaration and payments to be made to the relevant authorities of his country. However, we send in the order all import and export documents required.

Article 7
– Order confirmation :
ABP SA undertakes to confirm any purchase order by sending an e-mail to the customer with acknowledgement of receipt. This confirmation will summarise all the information relating to the order and notably : the type of product ordered, the quantity, its price, transportation costs and delivery terms. The sale shall only be completed when confirmation of the order is sent by ABP SA, subject to the full performance of payment procedures, as described below. ABP SA reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, particularly with regard to failure of payment authorisation, a problem relating to the purchase order as received, (e.g illegible document), an abnormal purchase order, or a foreseeable problem relating to a delivery to be made. ABP SA shall inform the customer of the above by all appropriate means.

Article 8
– Order Proof :
The confirmations of purchase order will be archived by ABP SA and shall be considered as proof of the nature, content and date of the order. In a general manner, the customer acknowledges that the electronic messages ( e-mails or their reproduction on paper ) as exchanged with ABP SA at the time of the sales of the products are as much authentic proof as written material. Except he /she be able to demonstrate the lack of authenticity or lack of integrity thereof, the customer irrevocably renounces any dispute of any electronic message sent by him or ABP SA, or the reproduction thereof on computer or paper media, the said message being deemed a means of written proof.

Article 9
– Withdrawal period :
Because of the “made-to-measures” expectations in the orders made on the web site http://www.abpparis.com, there is no withdrawal period. Therefore, the customer will make sure that the order is made with no mistakes.

Article 10
– Delivery :
ABP SA shall ship the products ordered within a maximum of fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the order - depending on product availablility and technical expectations.In the event that the delivery could not take place, due to product unavailability or feasebility, the customer shall be notified thereof as soon as possible.The customer may then choose another product or request cancellation of his/her order. In this latter case, the customer shall be reimbursed the amounts paid, within thirty ( 30 ) days of the receipt of the request for cancellation. The products will be delivered to the customer at address indicated on the order form. It will be the customer's responsability, upon delivery of the products, to check the general appearance of packaging of the products delivered, and to formulate reserves, as the case may be, within 3 days of the delivery of the products.

Article 11
– Warranty and after sales service :
ABP SA is taking the greatest care in the manufacturing of its products and will reimburse, or exchange, any defective products the customer may have received, provided it is duly informed by the customer ( and defective product has been received by ABP SA) within three ( 30 ) days of receipt by the customer. In case reimbursement is asked by the customer, all costs incurred, including carriage costs, will be repaid. Not included under this warranty are ABP products which are defective because of abnormal use or ill treatment by the customer.

Article 12
– Payment :
Payment of the products shall be by on-line payment system by banker's card, via the secured site of Société Générale, upon sending of the order to ABP SA. Any order received without due prior payment, as indicated above, shall be considered null, and ABP SA shall duly inform the customer it will not deliver the products ordered.

Article 13
– Personal information :
For the proper processing of the order, personal information relating to the customer shall be processed digitally. The customer acknowledges that he/she is aware of this. ABP SA wishes to inform its customers that this personal information is exclusively for internal use. The customer can ask ABP SA that this personal information be not retained after processing of his/her order, by writing to ABP SA at above mentioned address. The customer, furthermore, at any time, has a right of access, rectification and withdrawal of the personal data collected, to be exercised by email.

Article 14
– Disputes :
The parties shall make every effort to settle any dispute arising in regard to the performance of the present contract on an amicable basis. In the event that the attempt at amicable resolution persistently fails, the parties may seek redress by exclusively adressing Tribunal of Paris ( 75 - France ).

Article 15
– Modifications :
ABP SA reserves the right to modify the present general sales conditions at any time. In such case, the new general conditions shall not apply to orders in progress. 



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Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

56, place du Marché Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

+33 1 47 03 49 71info@abpparis.com

ABP Paris is a craft company with the French state label Company of Living Heritage.

On measure watchstraps, belts, leather goods, new and second-hand watches are the core part of our activity.