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The leather of Ostrich: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Double tour watchstraps in ostrich.
Double tour watchstraps in ostrich.
Patina, flexibility and character are so many qualities that confer to the ostrich an extraordinary flexibility: small leather craft, bag, belt, strap shows, saddlery, sheath-making of car or furnishing, nothing is hermetic. Please note: so many breedings of ostrich portion out planet, it is in South Africa, that they are most prodigal of first choice leathers. In France not less than 26 breedings of ostriches, only in Loire-Atlantique (there is also one in the South of the country), already propose high quality tanned skins. To be continued thus…

watchstrap in ostrich on Bell and Ross watch.
watchstrap in ostrich on Bell and Ross watch.
For what concerns us, the ostrich leather suits completely in luxury watches within the framework of a daily use, as for example, famous Reverso from Jaeger-LeCoultre, but also on more classic models, sports, retro or modern. Almost always matt (the other tannings are less made a success), the ostrich declines in several colors and its wonderful patina confers the title of the only one "leather to be more attractive worn than brand new". The proof is the sublime and brilliant patina of aged wallets made in ostrich.

Bracelet montre en autruche sur montre Technimarine.
Bracelet montre en autruche sur montre Technimarine.
For the impassioned people of watch industry, the skin of ostrich will offer very different parts which make the watch unique: big pearls, small pearls, scattered or moved closer, trucheau …

Slight drawback: attention on those who perspire a lot, the leather of ostrich will get stained easily in its clear color declensions.

Anthology of ostrich skin.
Anthology of ostrich skin.
Short history: it is to Mr Jean-Claude Biver, Manager of Blancpain watch brand in the 80s, that we owe the appearance of ostrich leather in the field of the watchstraps of high quality watch-making. Coming from a shoemakers family business in Lausanne, it had known how to consider this leather as a noble material and not as a simple support for watches. 

Here is our leather color chart of ostrich: 



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