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Ostrich leg

The leather of leg of Ostrich: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Watchband in ostrich leg on Jaeger Lecoultre watch.
Watchband in ostrich leg on Jaeger Lecoultre watch.
First of all, the ostrich leg leather looks like nothing else. It may seem to be a little bit simplistic to say, but it's true. Indeed, according to the cutting way of that skin, the strap made in ostrich leg will have a completely different look. To be firmly convinced we just have to see the picture bellow. At the top: a strap in ostrich shin. In the center: a strap in ostrich leg. Below: a strap in ostrich feet. And in the background… a skin of ostrich leg (do you notice that the eponymous skin of ostrich leg, gives its name to one of the three leather names that it is used to manufacture … the ostrich leg).

Watchstraps and skin of ostrich leg.
Watchstraps and skin of ostrich leg.
Then, because of the relative intelligence of cutting that requires the ostrich leg leather (cut well, the strap will be gorgeous, but badly cut, its shape will be completely inconsistent with regard to the watch, even with a fragile conception), industrial production cannot be really be done. The collector who will decide to get a new strap made in ostrich leg for his watch will always have a strap relatively rare.

Strap in ostrich leg on Panerai watch.
Strap in ostrich leg on Panerai watch.
Finally, the leather of ostrich leg turns out particularly strong. No matter if the tanning is matt or shiny, if the color is dense, dark or clear, all straps truly resist on a daily basis. The leather patina gives the strap even more attractive aspect after you wear it for few months. Besides, this leather seems to resist enough the water.

Here is our leather color chart of leg of ostrich:
Ostrich leg



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