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The leather of Kangaroo: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Strap in kangaroo tail leather.
Strap in kangaroo tail leather.
Our favorite marsupial remains widely consumed for its meat, by our Australian friends. The skin is widely used "overseas" in the leather industry: jackets, hats, shoes, gloves, belts, wallets… And in a much more limited way, even totally confidential in the watchstraps manufacturing.

Wristband made in kangaroo side leather.
Wristband made in kangaroo side leather.
From an aesthetic point of view, it is advisable to distinguish two leather types for the same animal: first, the skin from the stomach, very fine and very delicate that suits perfectly ladies watches. Then, the skin from the tail, on the other hand, is stiff, smooth but with enough marked grain. It doesn’t look like any other leather that is why we often recommend it to people who are looking for classic, smooth but also original leather. For animal lovers, let’s remind you that there are twice more kangaroos than Australians in Australia. With a population about 40 millions individuals, this marsupial is very far from being put in danger. For inquiring mind persons, let us call back that the biggest specimens of kangaroos can measure up to 1,8 meter for 85 kilos weigh. With its 40 km/h top speed, their jumps can reach 13 meters long and 3 meters high grant it the athlete’s real status. Without speaking about their worldwide reputation: their famous punches!

Here are our leather color charts of kangaroo side and tail:




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