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History of watches : Sinn

Helmut Sinn made his pilot license about 70 years ago. And just shortly the now 88-year old has brought his active time of aviation to an end. However, aviation has destined his life decisively, even as he had to withdraw from active flying due to the flight prohibition for Germans after second world war to another passion: development and production of pilot’s watches.

His passion creating own watches was a logical consequence. As he wasn’t allowed to fly he designed, following his beloved flight watches and instruments in cockpits, wristwatches of professional quality and perfect readability. Success came quick and so market competitors sold similar pilot’s watches soon after.

As Helmut Sinn was not only in the air but also on the ground the „speedy Helmut“, he got himself a driver’s licence and started from now on at motor rallies. In 1953 he won the rallye Algier – Capetown, with 15.000 kilometers (approx. 9.400 miles) one of the strongest and longest race on wheels, in a VW Beagle.

Dissatisfied with at that time available time measuring systems, he just worked them out himself. Until today his stop-watches are still being produced as they are still desirable instruments among oldtimer fans.

As the Germans again were allowed to fly and the German Air Force put their own jets into service, Helmut Sinn stayed with private flying. However, the relatively bad quality of dashboard watches in modern jets made him think of an alternative: next to standard on-board watches one of his designed chronograph models was used even 40 yeas later in the prototype of the Eurofighter. After that a Sinn-watch even was brought into action in space: as the german astronaut Reinhard Furrer left off with the Spacelab in 1985 he had a „142 S“ on his wrist and had brought with this watch even the first automatic chronograph into outer space.




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