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History of watches : Rolex

Rolex was started in 1908 by Mr. Hans Wilsdorf, a German National Citizen. At this point in time, the company was named Wilsdorf & Davis as Wilsdorf founded the company jointly with his brother in law. During that time period, mostly pocket watches were being made by Swiss watch makers. Manufactures at the time had difficulty producing accurate and reliable movements in wrist watch sizes. Hans Wilsdorf was a perfectionist who raised the bar on the standards for watch making. He strived for a smaller more accurate movement, and changed the style and fashion from large pocket watches to smaller and more usable wrist watches. Aegler, a small Swiss watch company agreed with Hans to create movements small enough to be placed inside wrist watches. Wilsdorf produced three main designs: formal, casual, and sporty. 

In 1910, Rolex sent their first Rolex watch movement to the School of Horology in Switzerland. It was given the first ever wrist watch Chronometer Award. Wilsdorf saw the need for two requirements in wrist watches: #1 To accurately keep time, and #2 To be reliable. With the Chronometer Award, the accuracy of the Rolex wrist watch was up to par and Wilsdorf started working to improve the reliability of the Rolex watch. One of largest problems at that time was that fine dust and water would get into the wrist watch case and over time it would damage in movement. To overcome this, Hans knew he would need to design an entirely waterproof watch case, which would also defeat the dust problem as well. Water and dust was getting in through the crown and the caseback. Wilsdorf created a screw down crown and a casebook mechanism that screwed down as well. This simple invention revolutionized the wrist watch industry. 

The first waterproof Rolex watch was advertised around the world in an ingenious manner. During this time, the general population was a bit skeptical about the watch really being waterproof. However, the new Rolex watch was being displayed all across the world in an aquarium of water in various jeweler windows! This new advertising method created a huge brand awareness for Rolex watches. Since then, Rolex watches have been known by everyone in almost every country. Today most watches are waterproof after following the example of the Rolex watch. 

The Rolex Prince Watch was sold in1928, and was a hit with its dual dial and rectangle shaped case. In 1931 Rolex invented the "Rotor" - a semicircular plate of metal that with movement and/or gravity it moves freely within the watch to keep it wound. This is the the kinetic or perpetual (also knows as automatic) movements. The popularity of Rolex watches has grown exponentially since then. Everyone wants a Rolex watch because it’s a symbol of success in life. Rolex is something that you aspire to as is a symbol of wealth. 



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