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History of watches : Poljot

The roots of the brand «Poljot-International» lie in the establishment of the «First State Watch Factory» in the 30s of the last century in Moscow. In 1961, after the first flight of an inhabitant of our planet into space, the products of this factory have been given the name «Poljot» (the flight).

In 1992, in order to sell the watches of this brand, the distribution company «Poljot-V GmbH» was founded in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), which already in 1994 under the guidance of its director, Mr. Alexander Shorokhov, proceeded with the creation of a new brand «Poljot-International». On the one hand, continuing the Russian traditions of the brand «Poljot», the newly founded watch brand «Poljot-International» has been choosing a fundamentally new way of development by using new high-quality material for the watch production, by creating an own modern design, high quality assembling of watches and a severe systematic process control.

The projecting works, manufacturing and certifying of watches were relocated to Germany, as a result of which the company could become completely independent and evolve its own development strategy. In the same year the company joined the Federation of German Watch Producers.

The successful development of the brand «Poljot-International» made it possible in the following for the company to occupy a place under the leading watch manufacturers in the middle price sector. The watches made by the company are now distributed in more than 35 countries. All watches "Poljot-International» are now produced in Germany. Nevertheless, you can feel and see the charm and the smoothness of the design, the dextrous hands of the watchmakers, the warmth of the Russian soul and of course their love to Russia.



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