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History of watches : Ebel

The first Architects of Time, who laid the company foundations on July 15, 1911, were a man and a woman, partners in life and in business. Settled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one of the major centers of Swiss watch-making, Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy decided to seal their destinies in an entirely novel way. The name of the watch-making firm they established symbolized its unique origins in the fusion of two outstanding personalities: EBEL – an acronym of the initials “Eugène Blum Et Lévy”. 

The founders’ son, Charles Blum, worked to hone the brand’s competitive edge while creating a production facility capable of selling its movements to other internationally famous brands. Uncompromising quality was already seen as the key to success within a demanding profession, and Ebel illustrated its dedication to this fundamental value in 1935 by becoming the first Swiss watch company to use the Western Electric System. The latter invention, a precursor of the vibrograph, was the first device capable of accurately measuring and testing rating precision. 

As part of the same drive for perfection, admirably promoted by the highly talented watchmaker Marcel Reuche, Ebel encouraged the creation of the “Contrôle Technique des Montres” (CTM) in 1957, involving stringent customs controls that guaranteed Swiss watch-making precision throughout the world. The CTM also made a significant contribution to enhancing the quality control criteria of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), the official body conferring the certification that continues today to represent a prestigious assurance of accuracy and reliability. 

During World War II, Ebel became the main supplier of watches to the British Army, which provided eloquent testimony to the strength of the reputation it was so patiently and carefully establishing. 

Ebel definitely took the path of international business when Pierre-Alain Blum, called back from his career in the United States by his father Charles Blum, was at the head of the company. His strong personality, pioneering spirit and visionary impetus were to raise Ebel to new heights within the international luxury world, helping the brand to achieve spectacular development.



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