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Emu, Turkey and Chicken leg

Leathers of Emu, Turkey and Chicken leg: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Straps in emu leg (shin) and chicken leg.
Straps in emu leg (shin) and chicken leg.
Emu, turkey or chicken … as for the ostrich, their legs are also used to make watchstraps. From now on, you cannot say anymore that you were not aware! You cannot bury your head in the sand anymore! Generally speaking, you need to know that l’Atelier du Bracelet Parisien (ABP), like all the feathered animals! And always try to offer his customers new exotic and original leathers. Then, here are the turkey leg, chicken leg and emu leg.

Straps in turkey leg.
Straps in turkey leg.
For the anecdote, let’s remind that there is thousands of years ago, the turkey was one of any first animals to be raised by human in Central America. Male is called turkey and the young is named turkey poult. Concerning the watchstrap, only the leg leather is used. Scales call us back strangely those of the alligator. Speaking about chicken, the favorite poultry for French people, it has not inly interest in our plate. The chicken is also interesting around the wrist. We also use the feet leather (not the crunchy skin of a grilled chicken!). As for the emu from Australia, slightly smaller than the ostrich, its African cousin, it can nevertheless be the respectable size of two meters. Its skin, more flexible than the ostrich is nevertheless divested of interest. As the ostrich, it has some extra elevation made by follicles combined with feathers. Let’s make no mistake, it is clear that these leathers remain anecdotic, they catch the smile more than an impulse buy. the very favorite. However, the one who will dare to wear a strap in turkey leg for Christmas Eve or in chicken leg during a cocktail party or at lunch break at KFC will make a deep impression on his guest mind.

Here are our color charts of leg of emu, turkey and chicken:
Emu, Turkey and Chicken leg

Emu, Turkey and Chicken leg

Emu, Turkey and Chicken leg



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