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The leather of Elephant: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Watchbands in elephant leather.
Watchbands in elephant leather.
Before evoking the properties of the elephant leather, it seemed to us indispensable to specify that -following the example of crocodiles and alligators- the slaughter of elephants (for the meat, ivory, hairs, and leather) is governed by the Convention on international trade of the endangered wild species of fauna and flora, more known under the name of "Convention of Washington". In this context, the skins of elephants used in the leather industry in France result exclusively from animals of breeding or more exactly, from groups of elephants whose slaughter is regulated according to the population in the country of origin.

Watch straps in elephant leather.
Watch straps in elephant leather.
So, certain nations from Africa (where the elephants are enough many) will benefit from slaughter quotas while other countries will not get the needed authorizations because their livestock is not enough important. Besides, it is necessary to know that every skin of elephant possesses a bar code (as the tattoo# for dogs) that identifies and assures its traceability from a country to another (traceability that starts at the slaughter and up to the finished product in the retail store). There is no way that elephant leather we find in France result from animals poaching. This said, let’s travel a little bit… Adventurer, it is the skin you need to get. The leather of elephant indeed possesses a really extraordinary, outstanding aspect. Very resistant, rich and dense in color, it is perfectly advisable in the contemporary or vintage chronograph, but also, for watches more discreet or sophisticated provided that they’re not extra-flat, nor with diameter lower than 34 or 35mm.

Watch strap in elephant on Bell and Ross watch.
Watch strap in elephant on Bell and Ross watch.
Of course, considering the stature of the animal, the skin of elephant is particularly impressive. So, on that skin skin, we can find more or less thick parts and more or less streaked one. For example, the sides of the animal will fit perfectly to any heavy watchcase while the ears part of elephant suit better thinner watch.

On the other hand, in terms of range color, please do not be too much demanding: the leather of elephant declines only in more or less classic colors (black, grey, creamy, khaki, etc.). No fancy on that field; the originality is certainly in the specific aspect of this leather.

Here are our leather color charts of Elephant:



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