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Determine the size of its strap: lengths

You already measured your strap widths, let’s see its lengths… so keep your glasses and your ruler, take your time, and once your measures will be taken, start from scratch to check. No tragic situation at this step, a mistake of few millimeters is rarely prejudicious.

The first measure to take is the length of both parts of your strap, named the tip part (with the raw of holes to adjust your strap) and the element part (where the buckle or clasp is attached).
On this graph below, these measures are mentionned as «C» (tip part) and «D» (element part).
Watch out : whe you measure «D» make sure that you never include the buckle or clasp , otherwise you would have the wrong calculation.
Most of the time, you should get the following closest lengths measures :
- Between 95mm and 140mm for C (according to your wrist size).
- Between 50mm and 90mm for D (according to your wrist size). 
Lengths for a classic strap.
Lengths for a classic strap.

Measure your wrist size.
Measure your wrist size.
Then, you have only to ask yourself a simple question : does your watchstrap have the correct lengths for your wrist ?
If the reply is yes, then you can order the new strap with the current lengths of your former strap.
If your answer is no, you need to order either a shorter or longer new strap.
If you’re not sure, please take your wrist size with a sewing meter (tape measure) or a thread (as shown), and give us that result. We’ll work out what lengths will suit you the best.

Click here to print a ruler (inches & millimeters).

Below : a conversion table between millimeters and inches. The first length is the one of the tip part, the second length is for the element part of your strap. 

Size       In millimeters        In inches              Wrist associated

XXS :     100/60                     3.4 / 2.4                145 mm   -    5.7 inches
XS :        105/65                     4.1 / 2.6                155 mm   -    6.1 inches
S :           110/70                     4.3 / 2.7                165 mm   -    6.5 inches
M :          115/75                     4.5 / 3                    175 mm   -    6.9 inches
L :           120/80                     4.7 / 3.1                 185 mm   -    7.3 inches
XL :        125/85                     5 / 3.3                     195 mm   -    7.7 inches
XXL :     130/90                     5.1 / 3.5                  205 mm   -    8 inches

This board is valid for straps with butterfly claps (double) or tang buckles as shown in the icture below.
Please note : butterfly clasps named also deployment buckles (double) open in three parts, while the simple clasps or simple deployment buckles (below) open in two parts.
Determine the size of its strap: lengths

For straps with simple deployment buckle (picture below), we recommend to go for these measures (for a comfort purpose, but the measures of that board of the top are good also): 

Size     In millimeters      In inches          Wrist associated 

XXS :   110/50                    4.3 / 2               145 mm   -   5.7 inches
XS :     115/55                    4.5 / 2.2             155 mm  -   6.1 inches
S :        120/60                    4.7 / 2.4            165 mm   -   6.5 inches
M :       125/65                    5 / 2.6                175 mm   -  6.9 inches
L :        130/70                    5.1 / 2.7             185 mm   -  7.3 inches
XL :     135/75                    5.5 / 3                195 mm   -  7.7 inches
XXL :   140/80                   5.5 / 3.1             205 mm   -  8 inches
Determine the size of its strap: lengths

Well, you are completely capable of ordering your strap on-line with no mistake. Don’t worry, anyway, thanks to our 40-years experienced in luxury watchstraps industry more than 15-years  maanufacturing made on measure watchstraps (including 10 years thru internet), enable us to have a unique database about sizes and measures of high watch-making. Indeed, if we notice any technical nonsense in your order, we will contact you before starting making your custom-made strap.



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