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Cow and Sheep Paunch

The leather of Cow and Sheep Paunch: use and characteristics, examples of straps, complete color chart ABP...

Watchstraps in cow paunch on Panerai watches.
Watchstraps in cow paunch on Panerai watches.
It is a totally French culinary special that the whole world envies us: the famous "fashionable guts of Caen". No matter if we like it or hate it … Well the Brazilian tannery companies (Brazil is the most important bovine meat-producing) have also specialty which gets closer to it: the cow paunch leather (from the internal lining of the rumen). That we like or dislike too!

Watch straps in cow and sheep paunch.
Watch straps in cow and sheep paunch.
Everyone knows it … Cows has two stomach. The cow paunch is the first pocket of cattle stomach. It has a capacity of 200 liters approximately. Hyper original, this leather leaves nobody indifferent. If the great part of us will find it too much typical, even too strange, some will not hesitate to wear a wristwatch in cow paunch for the funny look, for the touch of its originality and even sometimes by love at first sight!

Straps in cow paunch.
Straps in cow paunch.
Please watch out: however, the technician will warn you about the relative fragility of that leather which we recommend to wear on occasion: to make your guests smile for a dinner (eating meat of course!) or to match to a colorful clothe.

Wise advice: no water at all, perspiration nor shoe Polish. Do not wear it daily. 

Here is our leather color chart of cow paunch:
Cow and Sheep Paunch



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